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19 Month old hits self

i have a 19 month old daughter. she seems very happy and she is very spoiled but im not sure if this is a phase or what but sometimes when i tell her no she will scream loud and hit herself in the head with a toy, remote control, or her fists!!! she seems very smart. she says her ABC's up til G and says yes or no when i ask her questions, knows how to put her shoes on and various other things so i dont think it is autism as a friend has suggested to me before but im not sure what it is. her father is severely bi polar. could she have genetic anger problems this early?
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I dont think there is anything wrong but it never hurts to get some help when you are concerned, I have heard of this many times, I have found the best way is distraction as if you try the firm way Of  a loud NO it kind of acts as a catylist and makes it worse almost like a game. the more attention it gets the more she will do it, shes sounds like a smart cookie ,putting on her own shoes at her age, take the toy quietly away and make her laugh, play a game, read a book, take her mind away form the behavior, , music is a great distraction and Mom dancing round the room even better. Prevention is better than the cure, distraction works well. As I said if you are worried due to the fact of your husband it wouldnt hurt to ask your Doctor what he thinks. Good Luck
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well. he is definitely not my husband. lol. we were together for 4 yrs and when she was 6 months old he up and left and hasnt seen her since she was 11 months or talked to her on the phone since about a month ago. so do u think maybe she has anger probs from that or is she too young understand that her "daddy" seems to not care? she does love to dance and she laughs easily. im thinkin perhaps she is just so spoiled that she thinks she may get her way if she acts in this way. im just not sure. this sounds horrible but i never wanted children and never bothered to try to be anywhere near any until she was born. now that i have her i would never trade her for anything and i think my life wld be incomplete but i just dont know if other children act this way or not
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