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27 month old delayed speech

I’m concerned about my soon to be 28 month old daughter. Although in the past few months she has progressed quite a bit in regards to speech/understanding, I still feel like she may be behind. She knows her animals, colors, attempts to sing along to itsy bitsy spider, wheels on the bus, etc but she is hard to understand. She waves and says hi/bye at times, but it’s not always. She makes great eye contact, has great joint attention and likes being around other “babies” as she calls them. However, my concerns are that if someone asks her a question, such as are your shoes pink, are you hungry, she will press her face into me and not answer. She will tell me no most of the time, but doesn’t say yes yet, just gets excited if it’s what she wants. She is also an arm flapper big time. Especially when watching tv. It lasts a second or two and then she’s done. It’s like she tenses her arms, opens her mouth and stands on her tip toes for a second. She’s easily distracted from it, but it is still concerning. I did have her evaluated by EI, but she wasn’t showing delays although they agreed that she did seemed younger than she was whatever that means. Obviously I’m concerned about autism and would love an opinion. Our pediatrician wants to check back in at 30 months and seems to think my daughter will catch up. She does have a first cousin that didn’t speak until 2.5 and had major sensory issues but is 11 years old and as far as I know is neurotypical. Thanks for your time
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Relax and wait until 30 month checkup.
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