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3 year old is having a hard time at bed time.

hello to all as my first question ever, i write this as a means of reaching out.
I have a beautiful daughter who is three and has both me and my wife's attention every day
up until three months ago when we welcomed a little sister to the house.
Ever since then every night has been a battle of the routine. we give her a fair 15 minute warming
We allow her to choose her toothpaste, her PJ's,
then we try and calm things down with a nice book.
We say we love you and then turn on the night light just have we always done since we started putting her to sleep.
then diablo decides to intervine.
so our next hour of the routine consists of putting her back to sleep for various reasons (mostly a ploy to get us back in the room)
or other nights its the full on crying her eyes out, while we're trying to comfort her.

i guess my real question is; is there anything we are missing?

yours clueless
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I think that its the fact that she sees the new baby getting more attention, and its plain old jealousy so continue to give her plenty of attention and make sure that baby goes  to bed when she does.If she sees her little sister staying up with you guys whilst she is put to bed it could create some feelings of being left out.Most families go through similar it will pass, takes some time,and I agree not both of you.sometimes one parent will stay in the room , not on her bed with her but just sat in the room .
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One thing to try is to bring her back to bed with NO talking.  Continue to do this as often as it takes.  It sounds like she is getting your whole attention when she does that and that is her goal.  No comforting.  She is not dying and not ill.  Make sure it is only ONE of you, not both.  
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