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3 year old son wants to be a girl

I have recently found my son touching himself.  I have a 2 year old daughter as well.  Once I found him with her in the bathroom trying to get her to touch his penis.  But most recently I found him by himself trying to suck his own penis.  When I asked why he said that he just wants to be a girl.  He wants to wear makeup, dresses, etc.  I tried to not overreact and be calm but this is very alarming.  He said that girls are pretty and wants to be like them. He has always favored "girl" colors, but one the other hand he likes his trucks, bikes, cars, etc.  What should I do?  Is this serious or just something that will pass?
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I don't think you should do anything about this. Just let him play and express his preferences as he wishes. If anything is developing re: an issue with gender, you'll know as time goes on. There are some children who biologically are born male or female and who, in the sense of their identity, 'know' themselves to be of the opposite gender in terms of their identity. Such transgendered children do need help by way of support and parents need help by way of guidance, but it is way too early to be making any such presumptions about your son. Try to enjoy his growth and development and continue to support his engagement in whatever childhood activities he prefers.
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