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4 month old stopped babbling

My four month old daughter recently stopped cooing.  Previously, she made many sounds and often "talked" in a back and forth fashion (making sounds when we stopped talking to her).  However, she abruptly stopped making sounds.  Overall, she has been very quiet lately.  

She continues to have good eye contact and is smiling.  She sometimes turns towards our voice (although not consistently) and seems to respond to sounds.  However, even with repeated efforts to encourage cooing, she is not making sounds.  Should I be concerned?  Could this be a sign of hearing loss?  I should also report that her hearing was screened at birth and  was fine.  Thank you for your assistance.
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This same thing is happening with my four month old. She was so vocal before, shrieking and "talking" back and forth as you described too. Then she just completely stopped.
What ever happened with your situation? Is it something to be worried about?
Thanks so much!
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Thanks for your response. She actually did a little more babbling last night, and my wife is feeling a little better about it. What concerned her most was that she was doing it very frequently, and then stopped altogether. She has been very focused on more physical endeavors...grabbing anything she can reach, rolling over, etc...

Thanks again!
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my daughter went through phases like that. she would do dadadas for a week or 2, then spend a week or 2 making bubbles, then some time shrieking, then maybe go back to dadadadadas... she also had some quieter periods. She is most likely just exploring sound and communication, and a part of that is listening and observing. i wouldn't worry as long as she is still responsive.
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