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Behavior Problem with 4 Year Old Daughter

My 4 year old was born with cutis aplasia and has had two surgeries to correct scar tissue on her skull.  She is now having difficulty at daycare.  She will have days with 4 to 5 time outs a day.  She spits at her teacher, kicks, throws things, hits and pinches.  She does this not only with the teacher but her classmates.  She will have days where she will not have one time out and act absolutely perfect.  We are to the point where the bad days are outweighing the good.  Could the cutis aplasia have anything to do with the behavioral problem?
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Aplasia cutis, as you know, is an embryonic developmental defect. Now, by itself it would not be a cause of the problems you describe. But, it is often seen in association with other conditions, and this might be the case with your daughter. The way to ascertain this is to have her seen for a developmental evaluation, which will pinpoint her status in the various domains of development.
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