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Child with ADHD diagnosis

Hi, I have planned a fun trip out of town for Father's Day this weekend. My son has ADHD combined, and lately his behaviors have been extra out of control. He ruined his lunch by putting a bunch of pepper in it at first today, and when I asked him why he did it he just said I wanted a challenge. So I told him he had to eat what he made. He did not end up eating it needless to say because there was so much pepper in it I dont think anyone could handle it. Immediately after that he asked to take a shower, and I said okay. When I went in to check on him the entire floor was flooded and water was seeping through the walls. I asked him why he did it, and he responded with " I dont know." My question is should he be allowed to participate in going to the waterpark this Father's Day because of his actions? I already bought the tickets to go and have reserved the hotel.
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   Really need to know how old he is.   An older child might learn from delayed punishment.   A younger child will not.   If you want to change behavior, it takes immediate, consistent reinforcement.  Also, ADHD kids do things impulsively.  He can not be blamed for doing that.  Was he on medication then?
  Long story short.  You should have dealt with the problem then.  Yes,  he should go to the water park.  Please feel free to ask me any questions about adhd and how to handle his problems on this site where I am also the CL.  http://www.medhelp.org/forums/ADD---ADHD/show/175
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I also agree he should be allowed to go to the water park - kids with ADHD do well in high-activity situations and he needs to know he is wanted and loved and welcome in the family.

And I wouldn't have expected him eat his lunch he had ruined with pepper.  He wanted a challenge (see if he could stand all that pepper).  I see kids do that kind of thing all the time - when you have Banana Split Day at school they make disgusting combinations of way too much colored sugar and chocolate,  and they end up with a gross Banana Split instead of something delicious.  That's just kids.  

I'm curious why he flooded the bathroom.  Was he again just curious about how that would turn out,  or was he angry at you for being told he had to eat something inedible (although in the end he didn't eat it) and so he was just sticking his thumb in your eye?
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