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Children are violent and destructive, 7 and 12.

A pair of family members living in my house due to their parents' poverty are extremely out-of-control. They're breaking our possessions, the 7-year-old just threw and broke a glass, and they're so violent that they often choke each other.  Their mother does not watch or discipline them half of the time, and when she does, they do not listen or improve, no matter what's done. I'm afraid they may hurt me or my loved ones. What should I do? Is there any way I can stay anonymous? My own family situation is quite rough and I would rather they not find out, as my own family may hurt me.
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I think anonymous reports can be made to Children's Services, if that is what you are asking when you say "is there any way I can stay anonymous."  I think the answer is yes.  Call and ask them.
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It sounds like the behavior of these kids is strictly the responsibility of their parents.  If these kids are causing a disruption to your family, perhaps they should be asked to leave.
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