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Children need LOVE

Our society has become so disposable in everything- cars, houses, and KIDS??? it's a shame- children are work- they're outcome reflects on our input- it's ignorant to think a child is EVIL or BAD. Look at wild animals- they are not evil or bad- they are a product of their environment. I was SO HURT to read of mothers that actually had the nerve to say they "Hate" their own children. How selfish, how crule and how evil is that! Maybe those children are just reflections of their horrible parents. I have 4 children- ages 11 to 8 months. Im not the best mom in the world- but I no DAMN better then to blame my children for all my hard work. They are a handful, and they constantly test me- they are testing my love, they are testing the rules, they are testing their abilities- this is life!! this is GREAT that they do this-  STAY Focused and respond to your children with pride- they are the greatest gift that life has to offer- better then cars, and money and houses and careers- they are your future- they are your creation. I pray for every mom who dares say they "hate" their child- I hope someday they see the wealth they posses- and are greatful.  Thx, sorry if i offended anyone- but i had to say something....hating your own children is unacceptable.
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Thank you for your input I know how you feel, a lot of times moms say they hate their children when they are just plain tired coping, they often speak strongly here with out thinking if you scroll back you will see many, we understand how they feel and we know they dont really mean the words they put here they are simply ,for the moment at the end of their tether, that why they come here to be heard and told off, and sympathised with .I agree with all the words you say about children , I have always found them wonderful in their innocence and joy ..
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Yes, I think people are just at the end of their ropes and some children will really put you to the test!!  Children are HARDWORK-- I like the saying the only full-time job is parenting!
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