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Congenital Encephalopathy manifesting as ADHD

Hi all, this is my first post here, hoping for some guidance...
Long story shorter- my son, now 5 years old, was the absolute easiest baby until he was between 2-3 years old. From there it has been insane... automatic shrieking when anything doesn’t go his way (from dropping something to not getting what he wants), trouble understanding things (almost like a loose connection somewhere), extremely defiant, loads of anxiety, poor/delayed gross & fine motor skills...
As of right now, his current diagnosis are:
- Congenital Encephalopathy manifesting as ADHD
- Aphasia manifesting as an expressive, receptive, and pragmatic language disorder with articulation problems.
- Developmental Coordination Disorder manifesting as delayed fine motor and sensory processing skills, leading to poor self regulation and Dysgraphia.
These diagnosis were given by our developmental pediatrician a few months ago.
At the time, I wasn’t concerned with what was on paper, I wanted to help make life easier for him, as everyday something seems like a struggle. Today, while at his 5 year old well-check with our normal pediatrician, she asked several questions about his diagnosis - which brought me home, searching for answers, as well.

Anyone else have similar issues?
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I would look into PANDAS syndrome or PANDS (it might be without the D). My friend has a son with behavioral problems (my son does too) and she swears that he was fine until around 2 or 3. It has something to so with a strep virus that is creating the problems (in her case, lyme disease is the culprit).
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   Ya, I agree with Rockrose.  I answered you on the ADHD forum, check out the link I gave you.
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Ok, makes sense!! Thank you for that. I didn’t realize they weren’t diagnoses, both are listed on our report under ‘diagnoses’. :/

I do think, at the time, he was progressing normally. There wasn’t a change until 2.5, closer to 3.
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Maybe I can give you some questions to ask.

"Congenital Encephalopathy" isn't really a diagnosis,  any more than "failure to thrive" is.  It just means the child has cognitive delays and difficulties - really,  it's just an observation that there are cognitive problems.

So that umbrella observation covers everything else listed here,  aphasia, which is also not really a diagnosis,  it's a description of the child's disability.  The same way you could describe a child as "non verbal" or "non ambulatory" -   Or like, "coughing" isn't a diagnosis,  it's an observation of a symptom.

So in his early years,  when he was the easiest baby - was he progressing normally?  A child who is extremely easy to care for isn't always progressing in a mainstream way.  Did he reach all his milestones up to 2 years old on time?
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