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Could low apgar cause ADHD?

Could ADHD be the result of premature birth (7 mos.)and low wieight (1.5 Kilos) with very low APGAR(3-7) ?

My adoptive baby is now 6 years old and she has all the typical symptoms of the hiperactive child; her speech is unclear and often skips words.  

Most children in her K class write more clearly and are able to engage in a simple conversation.  She says things like:
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Your daughter likely displays several developmentally-related difficulties involving the neurological system. If you haven't already done so, arrange for a speech/language evaluation, and it would be useful to have her undergo a full developmental envaluation to gauge her developmental status in the other spheres of development as well. The low Apgar scores certainly indicate a high possibility that her cognitive capacities will be hampered, and she may well have some type(s) of learning disabi;lity. The matter of ADHD can be taken up as one aspect of the evaluation.
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