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Could my son have ADHD or a learning disability?

I have  a six year old boy who as every mother would say is the best boy ever, but he really is well behaved. However we are having some issues with school. He started first grade after a rough year in kindergarten they wanted me to hold him back and I did not because the school  was going from full day kinder to half day and I thought that would be a step back. So I sent him on to first. In kindergarten and now they are saying that he is shy and lacks confiendance. Shy yes he is very until he warms up to you. He is interacting with the other children but can not seem to remember there names when we talk. Forgets what they do in school as well. He according to teacher is not good at following directions and has to be told several times to do something. When he is at home and I tell him to pick up toys ect. he does as told though. Last year I had two tutors working with him on reading on top of me and his dad working with him. He can read his flash cards and several books. Some of the books he reads though he will say the word and in the next sentance when the word is repeated he forgets the word. Also a little history on him and family medical his dad has parinoid shizophrena his dads mom had bipolar and is now deceased. Three weeks ago after an accident there was an accronid cyst found on his frontal lobe at 5mm. They said there was no reason to be concered over it. After some reaserh I found out more about it that it could be linked with some of theese things and that concerns me. Being that we have theese other issuses with learning , concentrating ect.  Am I making to much about this? Some one please give me some advice because I don' t know what to think or do. I guess I will call his peaditrician in morning and see what there thoughts are. I don't want him to be on meds though for no reason so i am scared and confused about what to do PLEASE REPLY with advice.
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I wasn't too concerned until I read about the cyst on the frontal lobe. The only reason that rings warning bells is because people with frontal lobe problems often have memory problems- i believe primarily short term which is what he is demonstrating.
If I were you, I would make an appointment with a neurologist. While the cyst is "harmless" or benign, if it is pressing on the brain, it can affect it. And the location of your son's cyst could possibly cause memory problems. Frontal lobe can also effect emotions greatly. Neuropsychological testing can reveal if the brain's function is being affected by the cyst.
Even if it is not the cyst, he may have short term memory problems. I have had students with this problem in the past. Child study team testing detected it, and with a little help, the child began to do much better.
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I would concur with what tired has said here, this is one for the professionals however I ask why so much pressure from you ..he is only 6 year old that sends up a red flag in my head I sense there is more going on ...
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