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Dsylexic child---is this normal?

I have a 8yo daughter (3rd grade) who was just diagnosed with dyslexia (there is a pretty extensive family history of it on my side).I do see areas where the disorder is quite evident (constant confusion with letters B,D,P, trouble reading, ect.) However, I am growing concerned about simple tasks that she should of "mastered" by now. Including consistintly putting her shoes on the wrong feet and is still unable to tie them, putting on her clothes (tops, pants, underware, coats, ect) inside out, backwards, and even upside down! When ever I correct this she quickly tries to fix the problem, only to put it on wrong again. (she becomes embarrased and frustrated by this) I cant tell if this is an issue of the disorder, or if there is something else going on, or if she just happens to be a "carefree" spirit. How does dyslexia affect a child outside the scope of acedemics, is there a need for my concern, or am I being to hard on my daughter?
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is this is an issue of the disorder, or i just a "carefree" spirit.

My guess - probably a bit of both.  We have two sons - one is mildly dyslexic.  He had trouble with shoes being on the correct foot and also tying them.  Our second son did not have dyslexia and he usually had his clothes on backwards, upside down and sometimes inside out.  I don't think that I would be overly concerned about this .....
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Review the websites below for additional information on this, which may help.  Take care.


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I am 14 with dyslexia and I remember that I couldent learn to tie my shoes for a very long time and some times had trouble with my shoes like you said. And even now I still some times struggle with my clothes but with time you learn things.
What I really recommend is try not to get mad because my parents did and it really hurt and some times I still get yelled at for having trouble with math and writing backwards and yelling does not help us. learn other ways of doing things like making rhymes for every day tasks ex. for a shirt, "before pulling trough, look to see if the tag can see you"
good luck and dyslexia is a gift not a curse!
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