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Help with a one yr old who cries and screechs all day

First let me give you some background information. I have watched this little boy in the past from the time he was 3 months old to he was 7 months old. Unfortunately, I had to stop watching him because he was a very hard little boy that demanded my constant attention, did the same thing as now, cried constantly and I had another little boy in my care at the same time. It worked out for the family as their previous care taker that took care of their older girls had availability for the baby. During this time his parents decided to divorce. The children are now splitting time which I know is part of this current behavior.
Recently, they contacted me to see if I'd be interested watching the baby, now a year old, for a year commitment. I told them I am currently looking for a new job and in order to stay home, I'd have to bring home $1,000 per month. I didn't think that was a bad price since I would be supplying him with everything, but diapers and wipes. I would have him 10hrs a day (maybe a little more or less). He also does not walk yet, is in diapers and does not talk at all yet. They got back to me and said they could not afford it, but would I be willing to watch him, week to week until I found a job or they found new care. Twist is that they wanted to pay me weekly based on the very low rate I charged before. I figured he is older and maybe easier and a little extra money coming in was better than nothing. I think I may have been wrong. I am so frazzled and am leery to say, but angry at the end of the day. My husband doesn't like the baby because of the constant crying. I told him, that he's not my favorite either, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be loved and played with and happy. I really, really, really try for that, but it is so hard.
I won't pick him up if he cries with a tantrum. I will put him back with his toys. Show him some toys to get him interested and that works briefly. If I walk out of the room, even into a room where he can still see me he screams. When he is happy, I will pick him up and love on him and play with him. At the same time he could be sitting on my lap and he throws his toy. I will pick up the toy and tell him "no throwing" and put the toy on the table he throws a fit because the toy he just threw away is no longer with him. I will set him back on the floor, the fit continues.
His grandma picked him up today and I had to tell her about the bad day we had. This is dads mom, so she is biased, but says Mama constantly holds him. I simply cannot do that. This is not my "main" business, this is a favor that I am being compensated for. I have to take care of a household as well as take care of him.
I just need help to break this screaming habit or at least for the 10 hours I have him or I am going to have to tell the parents that he is simply to hard for me to care for. I don't want to be angry with a little boy.
Does anyone have any suggestions to make this easier?
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Hi there.  This is a sad story.  I feel so sorry, to be honest, for this little boy who is shuffled from place to place.  I am concerned that child care for you involves a three month to seven month old that did not expect constant attention. Babies DO require much care.  If you are overwhelmed because you have other kids in your care, that is understandable.  Not the baby's fault in any way as the baby was being a baby.  So, it was right and appropriate to give up care for the child at that time.

It is best to give up the care for the child now as well.  A child I a house where both the partner of the caregiver and the caregiver see him as a burden and 'don't like him' is not a good situation for the child or you.  This child does deserve to be with someone who is loving toward him.

It sounds like child care might not be the best fit for you.  I think I'd be honest with the parents and tell them it is in their best interest to find another caregiver for their child.  While that is hard on them, parents DO have to adjust for their children.  

And you will be less stressed.

This just is not a good situation for anyone at this point.  good luck
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I'm not quite sure how "mama constantly holds him" since he's in day care.  Since she's splitting custody with her ex,  and the baby is in more than full-time day care,  the very few hours she's with him and he's awake she probably should be giving him undivided attention - otherwise, she would b spending no time with him at all.  

I wonder if he might do better in a setting with more children around - I wonder if he's very easily bored and a more institutionalized day care might provide him with more stimulation to keep him distracted.
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