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How Do I get my 10 year old daughter to stop wetting herself

Hi. My daughter were herself during the day and at night.
Here is the story on how it started:
My daughter and I just got back from the grocery store and we finished putting everything away so we went and watched TV.
She was sitting on the floor and I was looking at my phone.
I turn my phone off and look down and She has wet herself!
I asked her if she had wet herself and she says "yah"
And I said "why?" And she answered with " I'm sorry, I didn't mean too"
I asked if she knew she had done it and she said "No, I'm sorry"
I said "It's okay accidents happen, go change clothes"
She got up and changed clothes while I cleaned up the puddle on the floor.  Then later at dinner she got up and started walking towards the bathroom, but before she got there she peed on the floor.
I told her to go get changed and once again I cleaned up a puddle.
Later that night closer to her bedtime I ask her if she had to go potty.
She says no and I walked off. About 30 minutes later she comes downstairs and says "Mom, I accidentally peed my pants" I told her to change and put on her PJs. As she was doing that I set an appointment with the Doctor for the next day. I woke up the next morning and she told me she wet the bed. I told her to go change and I put her bedding into the washing machine. We went to the doctors and while we were waiting she peed her pants! I didn't notice until the nurse called us back and we stood up. Great. They ran test and she had nothing wrong with her physically. The doctor suggested I put her into pull-ups. So I did, and as we were coming home from the store she wet herself again! She went inside and out one on. Because This was over Christmas break, we were able to go to the mall the next day. We were at the mall and we were walking and I
Started smelling something. I pulled back her diaper and there was poop in it. How do I get this to stop?
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Because this came on so suddenly, it really sounds like some kind of a urinary or bladder infection.  If this keeps going, I would get a second medical opinion.  Assuming the doctor looked at that possibility.  He would have had her urinate into a container and then send that in to a lab for testing.  If he did not,  that is what needs to be done.
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