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Hyper Sexuality in 7 year old

I am so desperately in need for advice. I am a mother of three with an 8 year old daughter, a 7 year old son and a 5 year old daughter. My son was recently diagnosed with Tourettes, ADHD and OCD. My big concern right now is his hyper sexuality. I first caught him watching porn sites a year ago and he told me his friend from school told him to look up "SEX" on the internet. According to the internet history he watched multiple sexual Anime cartoons to gang bangs and "big black **** anal" scenes within a 24 hour period. I was sick to my stomach and had a long talk with him about that and set all the computers to parental control settings. Then I caught him looking at the pornographic sites again on family members iPads and iPhones when he saw them left on the table. I had another talk with him and he said he likes it and won't stop trying to look at it. At the beginning of the year I caught him with his younger sister, they were 6 and 4 at the time, asking her to lick his penis. I immediately pulled him and her out of the bathtub and separated them. I talked to my youngest daughter and she told me that was the first time he asked that and she did it. I explained the boundaries of what is ok touching and not ok for touching one another. However, I caught her trying to "flash" her privates to him frequently and of course he would look. I finally thought everything was resolved after not seeing anything inappropriate for over 6 months until today. My son and youngest daughter were playing with their male cousin who is 6. My mother was babysitting while I was at work. My daughter told my mom that they were playing police man and bad man "cops and robbers" when they handcuffed her and her cousin pulled his pants down and made her lick his penis while my son watched and laughed. When my mom told me I instantly started crying. I don't know what to do at this point. He should be protecting her and I know that sexual curiosity is normal in children but I think this recent event has crossed the line. I have sought out all the resources I felt could help...his primary care doctor, psychologist,psychiatrist, and neurologist. But I can't figure out how to get him to stop. any advice!?
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