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My 3 years old son doesn't talk or understand instructions

i have 3 years old boy, he doesn't speak much and he doesn't respond to his name, he can sing a song or say a world that he likes but he doesn't communicate, he like playing instrumental toys and
he was eating dirt but not anymore, he asks for food or water and he plays well with other kids and he get occupied with TV or when he plays with his tablet and i tried some learning games and he likes to play them and he repeat the words, one time he heard a russian song and the next day he was singing it.
he was waking up at night crying but that stopped and i took him to speech therapy and he doesn't respond much to it .
he can number from 1 to 10 and from 10 to 1 in 2 languages and he can say the alphabet in 2 languages and saying the word associated to each letters. when he is outside he is happy with his freedom and he starts to run and he looks everyone to the eye and he like playing with adults and children and he hate noises from the hoover or shaving machine or blender. sometimes he feels scared and when he sleeps he cover his head. he doesn't hurt himself and he is aware of danger. and when you tell him to stop he respond but sometimes he looks at you and keep doing it or try to bring your attention by doing things you told him not to do it.
he plays a creative game and he can do them easily , he like to lineup things and sort them according to its height or color.
i read so many stories in your site and i hope i can find some answers in here.
so please help me
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    Language learning and use is typically slower if two languages are being used in the home.  However, it evens out and usually becomes a strength as the child ages.   So, I think this is probably the problem.   If you are concerned that it might be something like autism (it doesn't sound like it), but here are some of the symptoms of autism that would make it worth seeing a doctor if he has many of the following.  
    Oh, it is probably worthwhile to get his hearing checked as you said he doesn't respond to his name.  But all in all, think he is probably a pretty normal kid.  
    autism symptoms are:
    Inappropriate response to people: A child may avoid eye contact, resist being picked up or cuddled, and seem to tune out the world.
Inability or reduced ability to play cooperatively with other children or to make friends.
Inability to understand other people's feelings.
Need for a rigid, highly structured routine -- and being very distressed by changes in routines
Extreme hyperactivity or unusual passivity, and extreme resistance to change.
Aggressive, self-injurious behavior.
Repetitive body movements, including pacing, hand flicking, twisting, spinning, rocking, or hitting oneself.
Insensitivity to pain or lack of response to cold or heat.
Impulsive behavior and no real fear of dangers.
An unusual attachment to inanimate objects such as toys, strings, or spinning objects.
Frequent crying and tantrums for no apparent reason.

      Hope this helps.  Please post if you have any questions.  Best wishes!
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thank you for your reply
i got an appointment with his doctor to check his hearing because i was suspect it is the problem as he got ears infections few time already. hope things will go well,
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hello again
i took my son to the doctor and it appeared there were a wax blocking his ears and once he removed them my son language and pronunciation has been improved so i decide to take him to a physiotherapist and he told me my son he got very mild autism case, i have consulted my sister in the UK and she told me she dont think so and that doctor is mistaken for sure and i am sure that my son hasnt got it as well but i cant identify the problem of his communication problem. now he is saying new word everyday and i start involve him in different activities and he loves to go cuddle everyone and kiss them. any tip will be appreciated . thank you
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i have read an article of autism and they wrote this point
copies what he hears from others or from the TV – for example, when you ask if he wants more drink, she echoes back `more drink’.
he dose that but that only thing and i was thinking maybe he got that because he was watching too much TV
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    I think that you have hit the main point.   The earlier guidelines I gave you for autism do not seem to apply.  And I think the ear thing was a big deal.   Kids of this age don't change overnight.  Give him some more time.  He is only three.
    You never answered my question about if two languages are spoken at home?  It does make a difference.
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thank you for your reply, and no we only use one language but once we were in the car and a russian song was in there and the next day my son was repeating the words, he likes music allot but he is not really interacting when people call his name or point to something but what makes me wonder is that when we took him to the doctor he was scared and when we went in and started talking with the doctor then the doctor called his name and my son looked at him.
there is a huge different now when we cleared his ears and the way he speaks the words and how clear they are and i can see he is learning more words but he is unable to speak more than few words and i see him like a 1-2 years old child
i tried to call his name in different tune and when i reached a high tune then he looked at me, is he avoiding me or something like that ? and that is not autism ??
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1 more thing i forgot to tell you that my son feels hot , cold, pain and when someone is mad from him or happy with him
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   The ear blockage could have really made a difference in learning a language.   Give him a few more months and see how he does.
    I was curious about the language because you said, "he can number from 1 to 10 and from 10 to 1 in 2 languages and he can say the alphabet in 2 languages and saying the word associated to each letters."   There is nothing wrong with knowing two languages.  Its just that  Language learning and use is typically slower if two languages are being used  or taught.  However, it evens out and usually becomes a strength as the child ages.
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hello again,
i would like to let you know that i think the ear blockage was the real reason for my sons delay speech. now in 1 month i see that he has developed a lot now he is able to tell a whole prayer, he can sing a song and he is learning words everyday and i feel he is now around 2 and half years old and he start using the words with others like ( what, thanks, he points and interact with his environment) he is moving to be a normal kid and try to catch up with his age, he can use the toilet , he only scares sometimes from loud sounds and unknown places and i am going to engage him with a new nursery where the kids actually talking so he can pick up more words and learn from his environment more.
i would like to thank you so much for showing me and my son the light again and give us the faith and believe that my son is normal and do not have any thing just that ear blockage, bless you.
if you can recommend me anything to help my son to reach his age then please do, thanks again
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Hi there,
I hope you can see my message and respond to it.
Just want to know about your son behaviour now as it gas been 5 years now how is he doing
My 3 year old son has the same problem and i am very worried about him so just want to have a clue from you will things get better in future or not?
So you are saying that your son has an ear blockage?
Will your son take any instruction or communicate at all?  How does he, for example show you he wants something to drink?  Or eat?  
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