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My 4 and 1/2 year old wont sleep in her own bed.

Please help....we have tried everything, my husband and I are at our wits end now, my daughter wont sleep in her own bed and when she does sleep with us she is so restless she kicks us and wriggles, we're always tired and not to mention we have been trying to have our second child for over 2years now so this is definitly not helping, we have tried taking her favourite toys,sports,friends etc away from her, banning from trampoline, what we have tried is reading her a story then laying with her but she wont fall asleep because she knows we walk out so she fights to stay awake so eventually we have to walk out then she just gets back up and screams and cries, we have tried letting her watch TV in our bed until she falls asleep while we are in the lounge room she does go to sleep but as soon as we move her into her bed she wakes up and starts again, we then take her back to bed and then she just keeps getting up and up all night until my husband has to move into the spare room so he can get some sleep before he gets up early for work and then I'm too tired by 2am to fight it anymore.

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,Punishing and removing things is not the answer here ,consistancy is, you make her room and her bed as nice as you can, you tell her she is a big girl now and she could sleep in her own room, you do not allow her into your bed, ,make sure she is tired and read stories to her before bed, take her into her room and tuck her in, then leave the room, she will yell and she will come out, you take her back and repeat the same thing, if you allow her into your bed she knows she will win the battle each time and on and on, your husband should say no and not leave his bed. If you can stand the noise and the battle it does work ,stuff your ears with cotton wool, not easy ,I did it so I know. Be consistant.
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Does she have a night light in her room? Do you think she is having nightmares, or scared of the dark?
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