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My 8 years old son touching my breast and nipple

I have 3 sons, my middle son always hug me from my back when he jump into my bed, while his arms goes through my underarm, and grab my breast, I do feel weird, so normally I kiss him and take away his hands, since I try to think it's a hug from the back, so it's normal, and control my bad feelings.
Today, he try to kiss me while I am laying on my bed, by putting his chin on my nipple, moving his chin up and down on my nipple, then kiss me, which this time it really drive me crazy, and I screamed, he hold a few sec and left my room with tears. By comparing with the two brothers, they never touch my nipple or breast, I start to think that he's doing it on purpose, and I try to talk to him, but he just refuse and cry. He always act dramatically (talk loudly, scream, not behaving, etc) feels like he's doing all these to draw my attention, no matter how many times I kiss him, he just talk to me and said that I don't love him as much as the two other brothers, he refused to do homework, and always start a fight with his brothers. Recently, I start to worry about his behavior and emotions, I know that middle child is hard, but what else I can do please?
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Your son is old enough to tell him the boundary of not touching you in this way.  Clear and simply without any anger or shame.  Just tell him that this part of my body is mine and you may not touch it.  Give him attention in other ways like making a day or two a week that are his 'choice days' where he chooses what movie to watch, what to have for dinner, what activity to do.  Sit and let him talk and listen to him.  
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