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My Grandson has been diagnosed with OCD

My grandson has been diagnosed with OCD by his ped and put on prozac.  He is two years and 9 months old.  The only behavior that he has exhibited is pulling out his hair and constantly picking scabs that he has He is a bit hyper and high strung.  But otherwise, he is a happy two year old.  His ped did not refer him out to a specialist to be tested for this problem just basically took my daughter's word for what my grandson has been doing.  My daughter does not live with my grandson's father but instead lives with another man who she is currently pregnant by.   My grandson tells me that he does not like this man.  I am at I odds as to what I should do with this situation.  I do not think my grandson needs to be on prozac at this stage in his young life.  Shouldn't the ped have sent my grandson to a specialist to have him evaluated first before putting this child on prozac.
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If indeed the symptoms you describe are the only problems, it is really not indicative of OCD. In fact, it would be quite unusual for a child of that age to be diagnosed with OCD. You are correct in thinking that the evaluation should be accomplished by a child psychiatrist.
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Dr. Kennedy, thank you so much for the information.  It has been a tremendous help.  Thanks once again
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