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My daughter has temper tantrums at school

I have a 3.5 that has temper tantrums at school that can last more than 5 mins.  She doesn't like nap time but she has never napped well.  She doesn't have bad temper tantrums at home and now the school wants to have a conference regarding her disruptive behavior.  Everything I have read shows this is common behavior for 2-4 year olds.  Has anyone else had these issues with their child?
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I think these kid centers/schools that force kids to nap that were never nappers to begin with are a bit ridiculous.  Just my opinion.  Not all kids are the same.  My kids WERE nappers but not with things going on around them.  Sleeping in a big room of other kids . . . sounds hard even if you fall asleep easily and are used to naps.  I'd consider finding another place for her to go to.  Does she have to be somewhere all day?  My kiddos at 3.5 went to preschool two half days a week and then I picked them up. they napped at home after.  So, this sounds situational to me.  

I do have a son with sensory issues that had trouble at school.  It wasn't over one specific thing like adults who aren't mommy making him lay down and sleep . . .  but an array of things.  So, again, this sounds normal.  I'd find a place more suited to her and that is more flexible based on the child.  good luck
Ya, I agree with Specialmom.  Forcing naps on kids of this age is ridiculous.  However, you might want to find out what is triggering her tantrums.  Is it only at nap time or do other things do it?  
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Hey please don't jump the gun. When the teacher are calling it is to see how you nap your daughter at home. Some children have a roten that they need to fallow. When a child is at a daycare that is not a roten some children like. I am a daycare teacher and had many children like that. Some time the answer is so small that if we don't have a chance to talk to the parents we might miss something. For example, I had a child that had tantrums only at nap time. When I had the meeting with the parents, I learn that at home mom put that child down for the night and naps never the dad. So it is just a check in to do the roten question about: 1) were there changes at home. 2) Does she have nightmares 3) how do you handle the tantrums. And so on. This is the point were they want to made a game plane with you so it will not continue when it time for elementary school. Yes lot of kids go through it but it is a behavior that could continue if the is no check in and that little small help
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