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My son just used my foot to touch him!

I need help, this morning my son tells me hes hungry, I get up pour him some cereal and went back to bed, after hes done he crawls back in bed (he is 7) at the foot of the bed cause he spilled some water on his side earlier, I was almost asleep when I feel him move my foot, at first I didn't think anything of it, but then he lays on it, then a second later he hold the blanket up, I immediately start to feel weird and sit up to see him looking at my butt. I'm so grossed out, I don't know what to do. Is this normal, obviously this is the last night he is sleeping in my bed, but how should I go about this, I feel violated in the worst way right now, I don't even want to look at him.
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Hm.  This is your own child?  I can not tell you how you'd be one in about 33 million or less that something like this has happened to.  You think your 7 year old was being sexual with you?

Honey, 7 year olds aren't really sexual yet unless something has happened to them.  They don't ogle butts, they don't long for breasts they aren't lusting after their caretakers.  Think about it for a second and you'll realize how odd that is for a 7 year old.

Unless he's been molested.  

Now kids of that age do sometimes ---  usually accidentally--  stumble upon the fact that sensation feels good on their private parts.  And they may without fully  understanding it all seek that sensation at which point, parents set up firm boundaries of that only being done in private.

And you had me until you said he was ogling your butt and you felt violated.  All very odd things to have happen and an odd response.

You would rightfully be concerned if this really happened and then want to find out what has happened to your child to make him sexual like this.  But otherwise, this really doesn't sound like you are his parent.  

In any case, yep.  Move him out of your bed.  But find out what is happening over at dads place or think about what may be occurring at your place to create him to be FAR beyond his years.  (PS:  moms of boys of this age know that they are much more interested in legos and super heroes than girls.)

luck to you and especially your son.  
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We used to live a neighborhood were the next door boys, around his age showed him lude pictures and talked about pussies, and I have talked to their dad (single parent) prior to moving, nothing was done about it, also i caught him 2 separate times naked with those neighbor boys (I was working on assignments). I talked to a child therapist, she said to just keep them away from them as best I could, which was hard cause they would let them in while I was showering etc. I explained touching yourself in private is fine and natural but he was not to touch anyone else or let them touch him many times since then. Your being a bit harsh saying I don't sound like his parent. You don't know my past or why I'm so sensitive about these things so maybe you should just stick to advice instead of insults from now on. I hardly tripped out on him, I'm just saying how it caused me to feel. but I can tell the difference between snuggling my foot and purposely putting against his crotch, he looked embarrassed after I asked him what he was doing.  
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Sounds like your child has been molested and it would best to have him reevaluated by a psychologist.

What I was suggesting is that this behavior is very odd.  And rare in terms of a young child being so sexual at 7 and toward their mother.  And that it would most likely indicate that something happened to your son.  

This is a member to member forum.  Med help does have an expert forum for child behavior that you can find by going to the above tool bar and hitting forums.  A page will come up and on the right side of the page there are expert forums in alphabetical order.

good luck
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I wouldn't jump to any conclusions.  What I would do is sit down and discuss the situation with him.  Ask him what it was he was doing and explain to him how it made you feel.  Processing this situation with conversation is more than likely all that needs to occur in this situation.
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