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My soon to be 6years old finding it difficult to adjust in Kindergarten

I have a soon to be 6 years old boy in K1 and he is finding it difficult to adjust to the classroom ethic.  

My son had a delay in speech and he started early childhood program in the same elementary school in special education for 2 hours a day while he attended day care for the remainder of the day 3 times a week.  He was in this program for 2+ years before he was finally admitted to K1 this school year.

There were fewer complains of not following instruction during his time in daycare and special education program but not to the level reported since he started kindergarten 3 weeks ago.  

I need some help on what to do to support my son because he is a very smart kid and most of the behavioral issues reported by his teacher are not happening when he is at home.
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I assume you have talked with the teacher; is there a school principal who can also advise you?  A school counselor?
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Do you have the option of private school,  or another school setting where he is allowed more freedom in a setting with fewer kids?
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Thanks RockRose/AnnieBrooke.  
I met with the teacher and the assistant principal and we agreed on tracking each daily activities on a piece of paper and grading him accordingly.  Also we agreed on afternoon nap since most of his problem always happen right after lunch.  
As for a private school mentioned by RockRose, I think that will be my plan B.
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   An afternoon nap?  does he normally nap?  And he can take a nap at school?
   the fact that you have identified when his problems are happening is very good. Does the school do something different after lunch?   Any chance that you could be there to watch what is going on?
   Have you taken a look at his sleep patterns at home?  Is he still going to bed on summer hours, but waking up on school time.  Lack of sleep can really mess a kid up.
   Anyway, don't give up just yet.  Also, make sure that you don't discipline him at home for his "grades" at school.  They should only be used to let you know how he is doing and where his problem areas are.
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