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Need Help. Bed Time is Hell

Im going crazy. My 3 yr old is home with me during the day, or at a sitters house. She will not nap at all. Ive tried putting her in her room and locking the door and she will come out or play the whole time shes in there. . The only time she will fall asleep is in the car and once u take her out shes up! My MAIN problem is at night though now. We will put her to bed at around 730-8 and she will be up til almost 10-11 everynight. She will cry atleast 6-7 times asking for a toy or saying she needs a snack, etc. I dont understand why she will not go to sleep. If shes getting up at 730 am and not napping how can she last til 11 at night?! It causes us to get frustrated and yell at her and i hate to do that. I just feel like this cannot go on one more night. What should i do???
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Some children do stop napping at this age.  It sounds like her lack of sleep is not making her cranky, so I would talk to her pediatrician to make sure she doesn't have some hyperactivity going on.  My son had this and he stopped napping at 3, and could go on forever.  We didn't discover the hyperactivity until he got in kindergarden and he was unable to concentrate.  I just thought he was an energetic boy.  But I once had a woman come to me asking if I would babysit her 2 1/2 year old grandson.  It was the grandmother and great grandmother raising the boy.  Their problem was that their current sitter could not get him to nap and by the time she got home from work, he was unbearable.  I took on the task, and here is what worked for me knowing that if you can get one this age to lay still long enough they will fall asleep.  I had a teddy bear and I asked the boy if he would do me a big favor and he said yes.  I told him that Teddy was so tired and needed a nap, would he lay down with him until he falls asleep and then he could get up?  Well, he wanted to be a big boy and help me and said yes.  Within 15 minutes he was sound asleep.  After about 2-3 hours he'd call me and I'd go get him asking if Teddy was asleep and he would say yeah.  Then I would say well come on you can get up, and thank you for helping Teddy to go to sleep. Never was his nap mentioned, and his grandmother was very happy.
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I think 7:30 is probably way too early for her to go to bed.  None of my 3 boys did that - all of them were up until 9 or 10 at that age.  I guess some kids need more sleep,  and some kids need less.

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I agree Rockrose.  My grandson is 3 and he is up till 9-9:30.
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