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Night terrors??

I posted this a month ago and no one responded. It's still happening and need advice! Thanks!!

My two year old has been acting strangely while asleep and it's scaring me! Just two nights ago, I heard sounds coming from his room. It sounded like he was talking, so I went in there to see what he was doing and he was asleep, but he looked awake. He was giggling and laughing and I honestly thought he was awake, but he wasn't! I even picked him up and held him for a minute, gave him kisses and laid him back down and that is when he freaked out. He woke up, and was completely trembling. It was like he didn't know where he was, or who I was. This is not the first time this has happened, but other times, he has screamed out in the middle of the night. I even found him on top of a dresser in his room one night and when I went to put him back in bed, he woke up and started freaking out. These are just two examples of this, it has been going on for a while and in different forms. Anyone have any idea what this is?? Thank you!
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Sounds like sleep walking, I have heard to never wake someone when they are in this state. Have you talked to your doctor. My oldest who is 4 will talk to me in his sleep he will literally wake me up to talk to me and he is asleep. The other nite he woke me to tell me he ate a hotdog and bit his finger, he of course didn't but then laid back down.
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i agree i do this and so does my son, its a form of sleepwalking,talking that doesnt sound too severe, just try not to wake them up, and if hes talking say real calmly, ok hunny go back to sleep now!
its caused by a very over imagination that doesnt shut off completly, but thats a good thing, as people who have this tend to be above average in intelligence..
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My daughter had night terror when she was about that age. She stayed in bed and screamed her head off. When I tried to reassure her, she didn't recognise me. It was very upsetting. However, I finally figured out what worked for her. I wouldn't touch her or she'd freak. I'd sit by her bed and sing lullabies until she calmed down. It worked every time.
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my cousins daughter has night terrors as well. she was told to NEVER wake the child up no matter what. and to sing a calming lullaby that the child would recognize. it works for her. good luck
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Thanks so much for all the advice! I am not going to wake him up again, although I didn't know he was still asleep the last time it happened. Is this something that they grow out of, or does it continue into adulthood?
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this never happened to my son but i could mean sign of over dose of medicince because my son has ADHD and i gave him to large of a dose he freaked out and couldn't get to sleep.......his heart rate was high nd his pluse was over 120.....so that's my expltion
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I always talked and walked in my sleep one time i opened the front door and ran down the street in the middle of the night in winter with no shoes on.  I am not saying this to scare you but please keep it in mind.  I do not even remember doing it. I dont do it now, at least i dont hope so lol.. I do still talk though and so does my daughter, she has also sat up and started talking to me and I think that she is awake.  I have heard also to never wake someone up in that state.  I just talk to her like she is awake and tell her to go back to bed and she does all the time :)
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My son isn't on any meds at all. He's only 3 and he hasn't been sick in order to take any over the counter meds.
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I used to do weird things in my sleep too when I was a child. Hmmm, wonder if this is hereditary? I didn't even think of that before! Anyway, the thing that really freaked me out is how he was trembling after he woke up. His body would not stop shaking, even after he was awake and aware. He doesn't sleep walk really (yet anyway), he just screams out. He's due for his yearly check up so I'm going to discuss with his Dr. on our next visit.
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Were you the one that woke him up
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Yes, I was the one who woke him up (on accident, I thought he was awake!).
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Thats the reason for the trembling, and lost look. I think that when they are sleep walking or talking it startles them because they don't know whats going on. Like when you have a dream and you wake up and don't know if it was real. I have had a dream that someone was knocking on the door and wake up and start to go answer and realize I was dreaming.
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My oldest had night terrors. Terrifying arent they!! One thing I found out is that drops in blood sugar can create havoc on childrens adrenlyn and system. We never did give sugary snacks at bedtime but found out that even fruit has natural sugar and when that sugar rises and peaks it suddenly drops off creating havoc in some.
For us we found out(by a nutrionist) that when you counter act sugars w/protien it stablizes in our system. So apple slices with cheese or peanut butter,crackers with the same,trail mixes if the kids like peanuts or other nuts in them Bowl of cereal and milk. Milk has protien. You get the idea. If you dont typically allow dessert snacks after dinner you might find it helps alot to do so. It worked for us and yes they do outgrow them!
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my son will be 4 in april and i have been going through this for a year with him now.. I just recently found out what it is.... I was told that they will out grow it in times.. We just need to give them time.
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this may be way off- but are you toilet training? when my elest son had to urinate in the night- he would walk around the house saying odd things- obviously he was not conscious we would tell him to go to the bathroom and go back to bed and he always did-

the youngest even 13 years younger once- really odd- he was talking by the bed- and was in such a deep sleep or whatever state they are in- and he was actually urinating on the wall- I guess he was dreaming it was the toilet? I kept saying "do you know what you are doing?" he sort of yelled at me- "YES!"

I calmly had him clean up (the area), we washed up and went back to bed- I think he was 10- so odd- never happened again.
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I never considered the idea of sugar! THAT could very well be the cause. Sometimes dessert is allowed (I don't give my children sodas, but they do get juice sometimes but I water it down) and thinking back, it makes sense. I will certainly pay more attention to that and see what happens!

To babygirl6152, yes I have been TRYING to toilet train him forever now. He has completely reverted and refuses to go. I will sometimes make him, but I know it can do more damage than good if I push it too much. I remind him to go when I'm home but this kid is something else! LOL! He's very headstrong and independent and TOUGH as nails. For example, his last set of shots. When the nurse pricked him, he simply said, "Ouch! You hurt me."  I'm kind of at crossroads with the potty training because I'm not home during the day (working) and I have to practically beg him to go when I'm home and most of the time it don't work anyway. When he does go, he walks up, does his business and it's done. He knows how to go, he just doesn't want to.
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