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Out of control children

My soon to be 4yr. old is also out of control. He acts the way you have all described. I wanted to share this in hopes of helping you.

I noticed this started when my life became more busy meaning I had less time with him. This is not to say you do not spend time with your child. I only wish to say that, I noticed his behavior gets better for a short time when I give him my complete undivided attention and we play together, read together and so on. I set up times to be with him and he seems to understand this. I am currently in this trial process of time with him and so far, I like the changes I see in him. He understands our time together does not last all day as he would like...lol. When it's time spent with him, I let him choose the activity he would like to do and we do it. I am hoping eventually, the good behavior from this will last longer...with time of course!

He is the youngest of 7 children & sometimes I think he portrays the attitudes of all of them...all combined into this one tiny 3yr. old little boy.

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great post and a help for many, I have also found the more positive attention given to children pays dividends ,those years are the bonding formative years and the more we give them the more we get back.I know moms have to work ,so when they are at home its good to forget anything else , except the old man maybe , and focus on our offspring, fun, games, books, music...walks parks, nature ... thank you for your post ...  
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