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Sensitive Son

My son is almost 9, smart, does well in school, has ADHD, and is an overall "good" kid.  He is very sensitive in the fact that he cries easily.  If someone in power (teacher, parent, grandparent) speaks to him in a loud voice or critizes him, then he will cry.  While doing homework, if he gets a question wrong or has to redo a part, he will cry.  I was a sensitive child too and still as an adult.  I am a single parent.  When he cries, I comfort him and try to figure out why he is crying.  Most of the time the response is "I don't know."  Is this normal behavior?  Could there be more to this than just a sensitive child or is it just in his genes?
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He's probably just highly sensitive.  There's an excellent book which might be of interest to you - "the highly sensitive child" by Elaine N. Aron.  You should be able to purchase this book on-line, in a bookstore or borrow it from your public library.  By the way, if you google the title of this book, you should get some "hits" on this topic.  I wish you the best .....
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I have a nine yr old son that is exactly like this!  It is so hard to see him get so upset all of the time!  He has had counseling and they just say that he is ADHD and very sensitive.  I am at a lost of what to do also!  I would like to say to jdtm that I just went onto Ebay and bought the book that you were suggesting, thanks and I hope that it helps!
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although just flat out telling the boy at some point soon- he may have to grow a thicker skin- it's just planting a seed-I did it with my son- he is still soft, loving.

and I tell him when I see the soft loving behavior what a great father he will make- but the crying- he didn't do that- just soft.

so what qualities about him you love should be played up- accept him but encourage him to get a tiny bit tougher.

Is he having trouble talking thru the emotions?  Or is it easy? teach him to soothe himself and talk himself thru with positives- "It will be ok- I can do this"- because at age 9 he doesn't have much further til Jr High- it's time to get him emotionally tougher or it will happen in class, if he is corrected or fussed at, (even without misbehaving)- you do not want this to happen to a boy in JR High . Just being REAL with you
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