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Sociopathic diagnosis

I'm a 15 year old male who has displayed many traits and behaviors of a sociopathic individual. I currently live in central Oregon and was wondering where I could go for diagnosis.
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     I would think that the best place to start - if you can afford it - is a psychiatrist.   Although, if you have any kind of a good talking relationship with your school counselors that would be a good starting point.  Of course, your parents would be number one choice.
    Have you ever been diagnosed with AD/HD?  I am curious because a lot of its symptoms and effects are kind of typical of a sociopaths behavior.  And since it is kind of unusual for someone of your age to have this problem (unless you have been abused), it would be the starting point for treatment.  If you have any questions on ADHD possibilities, please ask or post over here -
   Best wishes.
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Sociopath is a diagnosis that is only given to someone the age of 18 because the brain has not stopped developing. Although you may have some symptoms of anti-social personality disorder (sociopath) it would be diagnosed as conduct disorder at your age. Rarely does a psychopath or sociopath have enough insight to seek help for their symptoms. They usually think all is fine and dandy. If you are having unusual thoughts ask your parents to make you an appointment or maybe a school counselor.
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