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Training for down syndrome girl

My daughter is born with down syndrome now she is 6 year old.Lagging in speech.Bur good memmory and able to communicate with gestures to get her interests done.Interested in playing key board and violin.Very fast in understanading and playing games on tab and mobile.What type of training we have to give her?.She is going in anormal school but no interaction with other students.out side home she is very shy.I feel she will be good in doing computer related things and music.Any course available online.Please help and guide me.thanks
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Hi there.  Ah, sounds like a lovely little girl.  Please know that kids can adapt and do quite well.  I would try to socialize outside your home or have people over to your home a little more. That in itself will help her learn to communicate better with people.  Don't let your anxiety hold her back!  I would try some small outings with her to see how she does.  Encourage her.  Be friendly to others. Her seeing YOU talking to others gives her the greenlight that this is what we do.   Maximize the positives and minimize the negatives.  I am glad she is going to mainstream school soon.   Will she be in a regular classroom?  When does she begin that?
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