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Violent picture in Sparks Group

I have been helping a friend with a Sparks (Girl Giude group ages 5-6) for the last 6 months and I think one of our girls could be being abused.  

She has always tried to make herself the center of attention and gets upset when she is told to be quite and let someone else share or talk but she quickly gets over it or forgets and starts showing off again.  

Two weeks ago she didn't jump back for the rest of her hour with us, she was withdrawn and wouldn't smile. I didn't think anything of it until this week when we asked the girls to draw and color themselves as they see themselves and things they like.

She drew herself first with black lipstick, then she went on to draw herself with blood all over herself cause someone punched her in the face. I asked her why someone would punch her in the face and she giggled and went back to drawing. Then drew flames behind her with one of her eyes "cut out" and told me her heart was also being ripped out of her chest.

This is the first violent thing she has ever done or said but its haunting me and I don't know if I'm making this bigger then it really is. If I'm connecting this weeks behavior to last weeks and they are unrelated.

We talked to her mother afterwards to give her a heads up, she was unaware and embarrassed by the news.

Is this little girl just looking for attention, is something happening to her? What else should I be watching for?
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Hi there and welcome to the forum.  You know, I'm not sure.  I am sorry to hear that she is drawing such things and of herself no less.  You've told her mom which is good.  Are you two friendly?  Can you ask her how she is doing?  Is your daughter friends of hers?  Could you have her to your house for a play date??   I would try to take her under your wing a bit.  And one of the ways that child care professionals go about checking on a child is to casually look for bruises, ask about the people in their life and not the responses, etc.  Even if she is not being abused, perhaps something has happened to create this negative self hate/ destructive picture.  Is there anyone at the school that you can casually ask what they think without naming names?  
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I'm really interested in children's drawings and this one seems like it could go either way.  

Honestly,  if it were a boy doing this - and there were no other signs that were a concern - I wouldn't think a thing about it.  Boys often like to gross people out at that age.  

I wonder if she's watching zombie stuff?  Does she have older siblings that would be watching something more appropriate for them and not for her?
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Thank you both for your advice

I don't have a child of my own so getting her to come over for a play date would be hard (hopefully my friend and fellow guider can help with that part) but I'll start asking her some questions when I see her. My only concern is that was what she wants and I would perpetuate that behavior.

You make an excellent point RockRose about if it were a boy we wouldn't think anything of it, and I definitely do not want to gender stereotype.
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