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Walking on Toes and im 15

Hello i have been walking on my tip toes ever since i can remember and now i am 15 and still do it.  I got Achilles Tendinitis last year just from running and for about 10 weeks I was stretching my Achilles tendon but i was still walking on my toes.  When I go on flat foot my feet starts to hurt and i go back up.  I looked at my tendons and they looked really tight.  My question is should I get surgery for my tendons and if it is a safe procedure?
Thank you
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  It also may be that something as simple as orthopedic arches which you wear in your shoes could solve your problem.  Since I think that this is more than just a "foot" problem, I would go see an orthopedic doctor.  A foot doctor could tell you if arch supports are needed.  A less costly experiment would be to go to a running store that can analyze your footfall pattern (I know that roadrunner does this - there may be others), and then buy the shoe they recommend based on your footfall pattern (they have machines that do this).  See if this makes a difference.  
  But it does sound like you have very tight Achilles tendons.  Given that, I would go see a orthopedic specialist.  They should be able to tell you what to do.
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Have you had regular pediatric check-ups?  This really sounds like an issue for your parents to take up with your doctor.

If you google "toe walking" you can get a lot of your answers,  but it seems like your parents need to be involved in seeking help for you.

Best wishes.
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