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about my 3 year old

I have a 3 year old son that don't listen don't take no for an answer can't wait for nothing u say one min  he throws him self in a fit when he get's mad he throws things bites anyone he can he can't play with other kids his age because he hits and bites them we tried everything sitting him down,put him in his room ,hitting him for it nothing works are these singes of ADHD he don't sit still for nothing he when he isout side he takes off on me he use to be nice sweet boy now he is truning in to my problem kids I don't know what to do no more

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Well, I have a three year old, and his responses to things sound pretty normal. How do you respond to them?  Children this age do not have a lot of emotional control yet.  They have tantrums and patience is definately not a strong point.  We can teach them by our reactions to their behavior.

Dont' yell or scream.  That sort of reaction tends to make things much worse.  Stay calm and in control, and try an immediate consequence (pick your battles, if it were me, I'd start with the biting).  If my son does anything to harm another child, I calmly pick him up and say "no, we dont hurt" and he goes to his room.  No fighting, no arguing, no getting angry.  He comes out when he is ready to apologize and calm down. This is usually 2 to 3 minutes.  Tantrums get a calm response to.  Something like"I'm sorry, I can't understand you when you scream and yell.  When you are ready to use your big boy words and tell me what's wrong, I'll listen".  And when he does calm down and talk to me, I make sure I listen to him.  It doesn't mean he gets his way, but he does get heard.  If I get upset or angry it just escalates the situation.  Always stay calm and I am a big believer in age appropriate consequences.

They don't listen well yet.  That is normal.  So are tantrums and other behavioral issues.  I agree, talk to your pedi, but also look at your own responses to his behavior.  I know it's hard to keep it under control - we are all human and 3 year olds can be frustrating.  I have literally bit my tongue and lip and even had to walk away for a minute or two (knowing he is safe), but it's important.  Best of luck.  I am told they outgrow this...lol.
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Talk to his pediatrician, and see what he or she suggests.  There are people the pedi can refer you to that will be able to tell you if this is normal or a serious issue.
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