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getting dressed has become a huge obstacle

Hello, Dennis is a 7 1/2 year old that is a good student, a good eater but since he was an infant dressing him always seemed to cause stress, tears, screaming. Things haven't gotten better as he has grown. he complains that clothes bother him and tears come rolling out of his eyes. He was the same problems putting on his pygamas, everything is either to big or to small or to tight or it drives him crazy aroung the neck. When we finally get him dressed he quickly forgets about the problem and leads a normal life all day.
Dennis spends the week end with us and the rest of the week with his mother where the situation is worse. He refuses to allow his grandfather to dress him. His mother has a very difficult time and now he is skipping school because he strips naked and gets into bed and won't get dressed.  
I am his step mother. I have mixed feelings between SID and mild mild mild SID with a lot of bad behavior add to it.
I have searched for help everywhere but in italy nobody knows about SID and there aren't occupational therapists.
I would really appreciate to know how I can diagnose what case I am in. How can I understand if he is using his tactile stress to his advantage and what I can do with my husband and his ex wife and her new partener to handle this situation.
Thank you for your help. Much needed.
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It may be a good idea as he is 7 years old to let him dress himself allow more time so he doesnt feel so rushed I have noticed that a lot of fighting that goes on before school is the mad rush everyone has in the mornings , get up earlier it will pay dividends in the freedom from stress. It is possible that you are all giving him too much help when he is crying before bed perhaps you are feeding the frezy so to speak, let him be in control of getting dressed and ready for bed, give him vhoices instead of demands,accomodate him when you can.What does his Dad say about the issue how does he handle it?
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obody knows about SID and there aren't occupational therapists.

There's an excellent book on the market (you can purchase it on-line if it is not available in your area) titled "the highly sensitive child" by Elaine N. Aron.  If you google the title of this book, you should get information re purchasing it.  Hope this helps ....
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Well, his Dad is very good with him. He handles it distracting Dennis from his tactile problem with an interesting conversation. It doesn't always work but it helps. Often Dennis won't throw a tantrum but he will feel so uneasy about his clothing that tears will come streaming out of his eyes. Thanks for your advice.
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