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granddaughter bribed by cousin to kiss his penis

My son called me last week to inform me that the cousin had bribed my granddaughter fo exchange of her kissing his penis!! I’m outraged!  Especially because about 5 or 6 years ago I was on my son about supervision of his daughters while using iPad, and explained the importance of. He caught her looking up sexual positions, I flipped!   We asked her how and why she was doing this and she tells us she had been looking at things with this cousin at their house etc (the ******* mothers that were always to busy on FACEBOOK, smoking weed etc)

I was beyond myself and told him never to let this boy alone with the girls ever, and also find out what and this was going on!

Now fast forward to last Thursday, I feel like this is a serious situation and that the boy needs professional help before he hurts someone trying to conceal his secret!  His mother had a little girl 6 months ago and I am concerned that he will do things to her because she can’t talk and tell on him.

I’m trying to get help for my granddaughters, the younger of my granddaughters was present and the 10 year old asked her should I do it and so she did (his pants were on).

Also I find out that the father of the boy has cameras installed throughout the new large home they just purchased and happened to witness the incident while in his office apparently!!

I’m really curious of why he watched it all transpire and then intervene after the event happened, I find that to be odd!

This particular man I’ve known since 2009 or so due to my son then married to the step sister of his wife, that whole family has some issues and act as if everything is hunky Dory.
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Oh, I'm sorry this happened.  I'm sure it is upsetting.  I think a good solid talk with the girls that this is not okay.  Never show anyone your privates nor let them show you theirs (let alone touch or kiss them).  It's perfectly okay to have a rule.  The old "good touch bad touch" discussion.  It's for their own protection. They can be told it is normal to explore or be curious with your own body but that's in your bedroom only. And then don't go all crazy making this a huge big deal to them so they can move on.  That's just my opinion.

As to the boy, agree that he should NOT be with these girls alone.  And could use some help. There is no parents that are concerned about him?

Also remember that child upon child molestation is often a cycle.  Normally kids who molest other kids were molested by someone else.  Very sad all the way around.
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Exactly, no one seems to give a damn! I had the girls at my home for 2 weeks recently and expressed to them about all of the things and how to handle and to never keep secrets like that to tell me their daddy also

I was molested from what I can remember 10 till I could finally get out of my family home, my mother didn’t care and allowed it to continue!

I am hyper sensitive to these things, I’ve been a nanny to families abc encountered many incestuoust situations.  Just too much going on and no one paying attention etc
So here we are October 2020 my granddaughter that I mentioned in the previous post has now been found out to have been touching her 8 and autistic 6 year old sister inappropriately.  I finally did what I hated to do, I called CPS to look into.  The father of the autistic 6 year old was awarded custody after I informed him of what had been discovered and expressed my concern because the girl doesn't speak much. He took action immediately and petitioned for custody.  

My 12 year old granddaughter needs help before it gets worse or  more tragic and irreversible.  CPS didnt seem to think there was or is a problem and has closed the investigation....

My granddaughter told them it was just a one time incident but i guarantee she was spoken to to the point of fear of being taken from her ****** MOTHER !!!   Guilt placed on a child that should be protected

I dont want to ramble but this isnt going to resolve itself nor just fade away until something more horrific occurs

I warned my son, I know my granddaughter and i see her going in a dark direction if not pulled out in time.

please feedback, HELP
I understand your concern and can tell you love these kids.  I think it would be wisest for the 12 year old to see a therapist.  Now, not later, as she will likely be more open now.  That way, you can get a second set of professional eyes on her.  Of course you don't want her to do this to another child but the reality is that if she is doing that/did that, she was likely molested herself.  So sad, and a cycle. So, I'd really encourage you to encourage her parents to get a therapist for her to investigate further.  
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