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grandkids not listening

We have our grandkids living with us right now, our son is the Navy and is overseas for the next serval months. Their mother his ex only comes to see the kids about once a month. When he returns he plans on the kids moving back with him, but he is worried about moving from place to place so much. They are a girl age 4, and a boy age 3, we have had problems them not listening to anything I say. We have been around them all their life, we live about 4 hours from them, which helps because even when the ship is in port they still go in and out. So we will need to keep them some. We love these kids as if they are our own and dont want hurt them in any way. What is the best way to teach them to listen?
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You are now surrogate parents, so it's important that you establish your jurisdiction with the children. You don't have the luxury of being the indulgent grandparents!  Follow the techniques in Lynn Clark's book SOS Help for Parents (see www.sosprograms.com) and you'll do fine.
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