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if its not adhd or asd what had my daughter got

Trying to get diagnoises for my 8 year old daughter she has a diagnoises of global devilment delay but I think there are other things going on she talks to heself and her toys as if they were real constantly on the go doesn't stop from when she gets up til bed time my husband world a lot of hours she has sleep stories about something bad happning to her family doesn't like it when her big sister goes out in case something bad will happen to her and the same with me and her dad I catch her in the bathroom all the time constantly washing her hands and talking to the bathroom people as she calls them the minute your not watching her she is into something she could play pretent for hours with her toys also likes to play with younger Kids Any tips would b great x
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Many children play pretend games I don't happen to think they mostly have any kind of disorder,but I would suggest that as you are concerned you ask the Doctor what he thinks,.my tip would be to not make any issue of anything as sometimes children will do things more to get the attention...good luck
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