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learning disabilities

I have a grandaughter who is 4 1/2 and is having difficulties retaining ABC-123, etc.  She is in Pre-School and they did an assessment test she scored 394 out of 530.  I know every child learns different but should we have her check by a specialist.  I need guidance as to what step to take.
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Did you ask what the score meant - is she in the middle,  near the end,  or far below others her age?

Has she been given lots of chances to learn numbers and letters in creative ways,  and is she read to daily?  

Sometimes,  kids just haven't had enough exposure to the material where other classmates have been playing number and letter games for years so it makes the kids who are not familiar with them look like they have a disability.
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I think the bigger question is what does the preschool folks think?
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I agree with MarkLakewood3367 with regard to finding out what the preschool teachers think.

Before considering any assessments, ask the parents to liaise with the preschool (they may not discuss anything with you as a grandparent), and they will be able give you advice with regard to helping your grandchild.

If she has not had much interaction with letters and numbers at home, even looking and pointing at letters on product labels, then it may be just a simple thing as to expose her to that information.  This is very easy.  When eating breakfast for example, have the cereal box on the table and point to the letters and say what they are.  When she has sweeties, empty them out onto a plate and count the sweets. Whilst walking up stairs, count each step.   Give her some paper and crayons and guide her hand to be able to write her name and recognise the letters that make her name.

There are lots of learning tools all around the home and the more repetition there is, the more it will help her to remember.  

You can get books suitable for her age.  Books of the alphabet and also one on numbers with lots of lovely pictures.  Reading at bed time whilst pointing at words will also help.  Kids love listening to stories at bed time.  Get her to choose the book that she would like to have read.  Point at the page numbers and say what they are.

It is still a good idea to have a chat with the preschool to make sure that there are no other problems, like with interacting with others for example.

Best wishes.
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   I agree with the above.  This is the start of preschool.  Exposure is everything at this age.   It is how she does on the test compared to the other kids.  And since she just started, it only shows where she is now.   Two months from now if she is still scoring the same, its a different matter.
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Hi, I'm one of those people that is kind of against judging a child's academics in preschool.  Those years for kids are about learning social skills, having fun, and yes, 'exposure' to things like reading (which can be done simply by reading to them).

Neither of my kids showed a huge interest in letter recall and neither could read before kindergarten.  Both, now in 4th and 5th grade are excellent, advanced readers. My oldest tests in the gifted range and my younger son is right behind him in both math and language arts/reading.  

While I think it is smart to keep a eye on things, I also wouldn't go crazy in thinking that a test in preschool at 4 defines your child as to what kind of student or learner they will be.  

I played games with letters, I read to my kids all the time, we played games where things like matching (which is early math) were involved, etc.  I used the scholastic site which has games that are for young kids involving math and reading.  Kids thought it was fun while they were putting into place things that were learning related.

So, that's just my opinion.  I'm not a fan of academically oriented preschools.  good luck
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I agree with specialmom.  

As long as the child is showing an interest in things around her, enjoying play, and interacting, things will be fine.  

And the more you play, point out letters and numbers in a fun way, she will soon "catch up".  Children are not all the same and with preschool nursery you shouldn't be worrying with regard to academics.
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