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loss of recognization

My son is 5 1/2 and this is his second year in preschool.  He will be in preschool 1 more year due to his birthday and the schoolPreschooler development
I can honestly say that I have been trying to teach him his ABC's and 123's for about 2 years now.  He knows the ABC song and can count to 16.  But when asked if he can find a certain letter or number, he usually does not know.  He does recognize numbers 0-3 and maybe about 10 letters, but that is it.  He is not interested.  While teaching him, I have used puzzels, books, workbooks, DVD's, number and alphabet charts, Leap Frog handHand or foot spasms
Hand tremor held games as well a v-tech.  I have also used a reward system with m&m's, tossing a ball for every correct answer, making a big deal about it, telling him how proud I am, etc.  He is just not getting it and I am at my witts end.  It took him about a year to learn his colorsColor blindness
Color blindness tests
Color vision test...and that was a nightmare.  I know this is not normal, and I don't know what to do.  I was hopeing to get more information on what may be wrong.  Thank You
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Hi, it sounds like you've worked very hard with him.  I would continue to be patient and work with him the way you have been.  Perhaps he has a learning disability called dyslexia.  My niece has this and has always had a difficult time with reading.  A learning disability by no means a child is dumb but just that the brain in the child functions a bit differently.  Dyslexia is a processing problem.  My niece is now in college and while she had some things that helped her through school, she graduated with honors from highschool.  I would consider having him evaluated for this.  Good luck.  You sound like a mom that works hard to give your child the best start he could have.
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