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sharing a bed

At what age is it inappropriate for a single parent to share their bed with their child (opposite sex). I'd alway thought it was at the age when when child knew there was a difference between "boys and girls"...but had an argument with a male friend who had no problem sleeping in the bed with their daughter at age 9! I'd love some medical professional (and parental) feedback. Thanks!
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This is always a question that seems to cause dispute I think if parents are comfortable with it that its okay ,if its a single parent of either sex it makes it difficult for the child when the parent gets into a relationship, then I feel it does take on the realm of inappropiate,if the new partner is also in the bed , most children get out of this pre teen and they like to have privacy..In Europe  is is quite common to have a Family bed.It is a matter of choice we see here letters from many parents saying that they co sleep with family and it works out. .we also get others who think it is really inappropiate . So you takes your pick ,I think the child may sleep better if he/she has a bed of their own certainly by say 5 year old ...
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