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my 5 yrs old son was a good sleeper he slept in his own bed from the age of 1 and recentley he keeps asking me if he can sleep in my bed. i ask him why he wants to sleep in my bed and he says i can,t sleep with out you. why has he changed all of a suddon from sleeping in his own bed by himself to asking me if he can sleep in my bed. please help.
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Has anything different happened in his life, new home, new sibling, new school are you working longer hours if you work , very often if a routine gets disturbed children get a bit upset .,has he been away from home.Unless you wnat him to the best way is to tell him he can come into your bed for a while when he wakes up or at the weekends, that way you are not setting up a president .Maybe he just wants a few more hugs ..good luck
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We went through this with our son. Some children internalize anxiety and may not even realize they are anxious. Our pediatrician suggested we give him melatonin before bed. It works wonders.
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