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I am in a blended family situation I have 2 children and my husband has 3. We have been married for 8 years and all of our kids live in the same town as us. My husbands kids have NEVER accepted our marriage and they are loyal to thier mother. I have never wanted to be thier mother but I have always wanted to be a family. That has not happend and his kids are now in their 20's. They are still rude to us, they are always mad at us. I have tried to to everything and anything to make them part of our lives and nothing works. Last year I gave them money around $9000.00 to buy their love and it got worse then ever. What are we doing wrong. Yes my husband has a bitter X wife that hates him.
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Not easy is it, Buying love never really works for long..I am sure you have found that out, the past is done what you do now is you take a step back,if they are rude you do not see them until they are respectful, you can just do it, or quietly tell them that you will only see them if they are respectful. Dont concern about the ex she isnt part of your life, really their father could have spoken to them and told them this is not permissable, in fact it is he that would be better .telling them ,no rudeness, respect please.It is possible that a few years ago they were jealous, too late now, so be pleasant be kind, but they have to return it ..Good luck
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