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toddler behavior

My 2 1/2 yr. old grandson has been found many times taking his penis out of diaper and playing with it. The other night we got him ready for bed and I was holding him on my lap. HE began trying to kiss me repeatedly on the lips and I thought he was cute at first, but he began trying his best to kiss my mouth even though I moved it away. He also tried to kiss my chest and then started gyrating his hips in a sexual way. I corrected him but I am concerned about where he learned this behavior. I have had him in my care for a couple months now while my son has been in the hospital and I am concerned he has learned this from the mom.
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If you suspect sexual abuse, your best bet is to take your son in for a mental health evaluation.  The mental health professional typically has extensive training and experience in this area and could help determine if your son was victimized.  Ultimately, he or she would be responsible to notify CPS or the police in the event of suspected abuse so that an investigation begins.
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As I was reading I was thinking normal until I got to the hips gyrating part. I agree with the above maybe it would be best to take him and have him evaluated.

With my experience my 2 year old loves to hug and kiss and has been trying to kiss me in odd spots. I have no idea why. He was kissing my cheek then tried to kiss my lips and then started kissing my arm. I really didn't know what to think except he is trying to be loveable.

He has recently discovered how to take his clothing off and his diaper. So I catch him poking at his wee wee. I haven't figured out to get him to stop. I just put all of his attire back on and repeat as needed.

I also was wondering does your grandson watch a lot of television because they will mimic what they see. From television to real life. Most television shows are no good in these times for the young mind. We actually cut the cord to ours because of how rediculous it has become. He has his tv in the car but he only watches educational videos and his Thomas the train. Just be mindful to what he's watching on the tube. And If you do suspect sexual abuse you need to report it immediately.
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Most of it is pretty normal.  Even at a young age, masturbation feels good, even though for a toddler it's not typically sexual.  My 3 year old touches himself regularly and has for some time.  He has never tried to use me as a masturbation tool though, and I'm not certain how common that is.  If you are concerned, I would have a conversation with a Pediatrician.  I wouldn't jump the gun and move right to reporting sexual abuse as this might be more common then you realize.  Talk to his Pediatrician about the behavior and see what he or she says.
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no he only watches Nick Jr and we watch christian music, and such so I dont think it is TV. I will check it out really soon.
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I really dont know but I am concerned and I plan to have him checked really soon. I appreciate your comments Thanks
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