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unusual behavior in first grader

I am a special ed. teacher who works with first grade students. One child, in particular, was evaluated this past summer for behavior concerns. Results were inconclusive. Throughout the day she will stand on her tip toes and make strange faces by sticking out her tongue while focusing on her fingers that she has brought up to her face. This does not disturb others in the class, however, it is apparent that her peers are realizing her "oddity". School social worker has suggested that considering family history and a brother with compulsive tendencies, it may be that she, too, is destined to this type of diagnosis. We have video taped several episodes of her behavior. Classroom teacher wants to know if it could be frequent petit mal seizures. The child is a very pleasant student. Good vocabulary and expressive skills; does require support in academic areas. She is very good at thinking through problems and higher level thinking skills are obvious. Is her behavior indicative of OCD or could it be something else?
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Yes, it is possible that the girl displays OCD, but this is not the most likely explanation. I think it would be more productive to evaluate this condition along the spectrum of neurological, rather than psychiatric, conditions (although there can be an element of each).
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