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Toddler refuses to self feed

Hi, I'm not a ftm I have 4 children, but am at a loss how to deal with my 14 month old.
He wasn't born premature, he was 13 days late, but has been behind doing everything (mainly I think due to his older siblings doing it all for him) he didn't crawl til nearly 1. His pincer grip isn't as strong as it should be, am trying to encourage him to strengthen it through play. At lunch today I placed his food in front of him, he cried for about ten minutes, had a couple of bites of crisps, then threw the lot on the floor. Same with his yoghurt, any food he got on his hands he would throw to the floor. At dinner he did the same, everything went on the floor. He would pick some pasta up in his hands attempt to eat, then throw it. I don't recall having this issue with my older 3, they were all feeding themselves by this age. He does have milk each day, usually 3, 5 or 6 oz bottles. One first thing in the morn (about 6.30am) one at about 10am, the other at 2.30 pm. He doesn't always drink all of his bottles. He has a sippy cup but very rarely drinks from it. Please help!!
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He may need to learn how to chew and swallow food even though your other children were fine. Some children just do not know how to do it and need to be taught. They need to learn how to chew and swallow food properly; it is not really an instinct behavior like sucking. Has he been evaluated on how to chew food? If not, then suggest getting him evaluated, by going to your MD, and start therapy so he can start to eat regular food. Hoped this helped you.
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Hi, thanks for responding, he eats fine when I feed him and eats everything we eat, he can chew all meats although he grumbles with chicken as its more fibrous. Have started making him use a spoon and pick up things, am guiding him with the spoon or as ive found it will go everywhere! he cried the first day, but was much better yesterday and was even attempting to take the spoon himself and try and pick food up himself. I think perseverance is the key now and eventually he will do it himself

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