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my kid is underweight

I give my child everyday milk at 6:30 am, and he gets his first snack at school at 9:30am when he eats his banana and pear/plum. At 12pm he gets a chicken luncheon meat sandwich and 125ml juice, and another small cheese sandwich, and a muffin.At 3:30pm he gets a lunch of meat and rice + juice,and at 5:30 he eats an apple/or honey melon...sometimes I add spoonful of mixed nuts.At dinner, He eats a small sandwich of cheese mostly.He is active and doing fine in his academic work,never get sick and he has sense of humor, and kind and caring, he worries a lot about finishing his chores on time. If I give him food more than he thinks is enough he vomits, especially in the early morning and on school days.He has a twin sister and she is above average in height and weight and she follows the same diet.Why is he under weight?how to help him get less worried at school assignments?
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From your measurements, his weight is between 10-25th percentile and his height is just above the 25th percentile which indicates he is normal for his age. Based on his weight / age, he should be consuming approximately 2200 calories per day for him to grow as recommended the following; Fruits = 2 cups; Vegetables 3 cups; Grains (cereals, breads) = 7oz equivalents; Meat & beans = 6oz equivalents; Dairy products (milk, yogurt) = 3 cups; Oils = 6 tsp; Additional calories to be used discretionary = 290. This food needs to be divided up between 3 meals and snacks between meals daily. Suggest giving him milkshake (milk and ice cream blended) or yogurt smoothies (yogurt, fresh fruit, and frozen fruit) in place of milk at all meals so he is getting calories and protein to grow. Hoped this helped you.

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Thank you for answering my question. I am giving him these days one additional cup of milk, and one yogurt,he is taking  between meals.
The information you gave me were really helpful.

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Thank you Dr Tinkleman, for among all the visits we paid to different clinics and doctors we met (who usually recommend taking multivitamin supplements or iron), only now that I get a proffesional answer and clear details on how to help my child gain weight.
Thank you.

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