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Could this be dyslexia?

I do not know if this falls in this category.  But, my 5 year old daughter sometimes writes numbers and letters backwards.  A huge issue is the digital clock. 5 and 2 are a problems frequently.  Reading the clock from left to right is something she gets backwards, also. Now more recently I have seen her write entire sentences all backwards and I mean even starting on the wrong side of the page.  She wrote out "I love you auntie Jane and then wrote out the date, and she wrote it right to left, with every letter and number backwards.  I was thrilled with the work(spelling) and shocked.  I couldn't hide the look on my face.  She so desperately wants to read that any time I tell her there is a spelling error she looks crushed.  So, I tried not to make a big deal about the backwards issue.  Like I said, this is sometimes.  If she has a book or words on paper already written in front of her- she follows that pattern-left to right and there is an occasional backwards letter or number- But, completely from memory it seems-she has things really reversed.  Should I be concerned that this is the signs of dyslexia?
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Hi, is your little girl at school yet? I am a school teacher in Australia and children are 5 in their first year of school (PREP). In prep children learn to read and write and quite often go through stages where they do read and write backwards or reverse letters and numbers! As a teacher i get their parents to practise with them each night helping them and watching them as they write. Usually in a few weeks the problem corrects itself. sometimes it takes longer. I have had children in year two stiill reverse some letters and number like 5 s z t j 6 9. It is probably just normal development but if worried i would speak to her teacher but if she i not at school yet, i would just correct her when she did these things and wait until she gets to school.
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One other possibility:  Is your daughter left-handed?  I have two left-handed children who wrote backwards a lot because it was easier for them.  While writing letters and numbers backwards is very normal for kids this age, left-handed kids tend to do it even more often.
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Yes good point! Left handed children do tend to write backwards and right to left so they can see what they are writing!
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My boy did this as he was learning . . . it was something he grew out of.  He is six and going into the first grade.  If your child will be entering kindergarten, they will look for these types of things.   Most schools do screenings.

For my son, it was just practice that he needed.  good luck
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Hello Cvaroone01

Is it possible to set up a meeting through your doctor to have your daughter developmentally assessed?  It is true that it can simply be a case of the way she is learning at this point, or she may very well be dyslexic.  My eldest step daughter has dyslexia and a learning disability.  She was Diagnosed ADHD years ago, and is now receiving special education through her school.   She is additionally also left handed which as the previous poster mentioned does cause her to reverse also.
The thing is, if she can get the assessment, she would be eligible for Early Intervention right away.  Some places only have Early Intervention until the age of six, so if you are interested in obtaining these services (which are free in most countries) you would have to have this done ASAP, since she is already five.  If you were interested, you should  look into having it done, so you could qualify for the free therapies that come with Early Intervention.  They are wonderful, and help so much with development.  They will show you many tricks and lessons to help her, if in fact she does have dyslexia.  I think that the Early Intervention is a wonderful system that has been put into place to assist children and have them maximize their potentials.  My son has benefited from it so much that he is considered typically developing.  
If it isn't something that you wish to have done, you could contact the services and ask them to send you anything relating to dyslexia, so that you can use whatever you think might be helpful with her.  I know that here, where my services are, they will provide parents with all kinds of materials to help educate and develop children, no matter what.
If there is anything that perhaps I can pass along to you, please do let me know.  I can always ask for the materials at any time.

In addition to anything I have mentioned, please keep in mind, that while I or others may have extensive knowledge in many areas, you should always seek professional medical advice from your own physician, as it pertains to medical conditions or concerns.

Good luck, and if you have any other questions that I can help you with, please feel free to message me directly.

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