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My one year old doesnt crawl, situp well, or talk.

My daughter is one year old.  She cannot crawl, situp good, has no protective reflexes.  We got started with physical therapy and good luck with that to me because with my insurance its like pulling teeth to get seen.  But now I finally think i got through to the Dr and we are going to see a nuerologist soon and a geneticist.  I am scared to death.  Even if Eliza has special needs, this obviously doenst change my love but it scares me.  I am scared because I have no diagnosis and while it doesnt reflect her character when they label her with one, it may help in understand why there is this delay.  Are there any parents experiencing this to help me.  She is my angel, my first baby and she is perfect!  I keep asking myself what did i do wrong but i know that is not the case.  just having a hard time on ehat to do next, how to react and how to deal with all this information.
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I dont know much but im just worried, could this be pdd spectrum disorder or is she too young to tell?
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Of course you are concerned/worried and its so hard to wait to see any specialist ..I think you have to have a positive mind and approach just accept that its probably okay and if it isn't there are many avenues to go down for your dear baby .You didn't do anything wrong that's a normal reaction from a worried Mom to take it all on her shoulders. we all go through this waiting period and I know its so tough .Does sound like Global delays  maybe hang on and some tests will have the answer....  
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While you are waiting contact your local early intervention program for childen with developmental delays.  Depending on your state it will cost nothing or very little.  Here is the link to contact them

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