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NG Tube placement issue

My premature son (14 weeks old, 6 weeks corrected) has a rare genetic disorder. He is still on an ng tube for most feedings.  I have rarely gotten stomach aspirate when checking placement, though I always ensure we hear the "swoosh".  I cannot get a straight answer on how much I can pull back on the syringe (in terms of ml) until I do get some aspirate.  Can anyone advise?
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Gosh, I'm sorry.  I have a friend I will ask.  Is the health nurse that works with you not able to direct better?  Or any health care person you see on a regular person??  This is a lot for any mama!
I asked our home nurse and her response was "not too much" but couldn't give me a specific amount. His paediatrician advised me to speak to the nurse ;) .  It's been a giant circle of people who aren't too sure. On his second admission to the hospital a paediatric nurse did advise that she had pulled 20 ml of air out of some bellies, but I'm not sure I should be pulling too much just in case it injures him.
Gosh, that is so much pressure on you!  I know mom's are like experts on everything but . . . wow, this is a lot.  I feel for you.  You must feel at times like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you but still need to ask my friend who had two premies at once (twins) born at . . . gasp . . . 23 weeks.  She wasn't a trained nurse but pretty much became one in caring for them.  I'll ask and come back, I promise!
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