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Why is my 4 year old drinking strange things all of a sudden?

My daughter is about 4.5. She is very smart and has never had any developmental issues to my knowledge. The problem is that lately she has been drinking things she shouldn't. Her list consists of nail polish remover, bleach, and as of tonight I found out that she urinated on a cup and was drinking it. I'm not sure what to do. I'm stressed out. She knows it's wrong but she keeps finding things to drink behind my back. I'm scared and need to know if anyone else has experienced this or what I  should do.
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Oh my.  I think you need to call your doctor right away.  First, that is unsafe and you need to supervise her at all times right now (IE: drinking bleach!).  Your doctor needs to evaluate her. There is a disorder called Pica.  Give your doctor a call asap and keep an eye on her at al times for her safety. Use words too and have rules like "no drinking X, Y or Z" and then have a rule that she MUST ask you before she eats or drinks anything.  She's old enough to understand that and should comply.  good luck
I agree. I set her up an appointment with mental health and until then I have decided that when I have a babysitter that I will have one especially for her. I asked the Dr about Pica and he said that if it were cornstarch or dirt or clay he would agree. He also said that because of her age and the fact that she knows not to drink these things he's a little concerned. The problem is that it is chemicals and now bodily fluids. Thanks for the encouragement and I am hoping that she stops. Have you ever heard of children doing this?
I've heard of it only with pica.  Some docs and it sounds like your pediatrician think it is only for dietary reasons like they are missing a mineral or vitamin and crave it (and believe it or not, those things your doc mentioned have them in it) but others do believe pica to be a psychological disorder.  I'm glad you are following up with a different doctor and please let me know!!  How did it work out with the separate babysitter?  This is dangerous so hope you find a answer soon.
My husband and I have not felt really comfortable leaving her yet so she is always with one of us or the other for now until we get to a resolution. After going out for an afternoon I realized that I am too anxious about the situation to leave her lol. I took her to a counselor yesterday and he set her up with therapy once a week to start, and then less often as time goes on. I'm taking her to get her blood and blood sugar checked next week as soon as I have more time off. I would like to rule out anemia or blood sugar issues.
Yes, that sounds like a good plan.  Keep me posted!
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