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erections make diapers impossible

I am the mother of a very irritable 14-year-old child with Cerebral Palsy. He also is mentally retarded and has the mental capacity of an 18-month-old baby. He is incontinent must wear diapers. It is becoming increasingly impossible to fit a diaper over him due to the startling size and intensity of his erect penis that extends well past his belly button. A friend of mine who is a nurse suggested the possibility of giving him medicine to shut down the effects of puberty on his body, completely eliminating any further sexual development as well as the natural urges for sex that come with semen production. She seems to think my pediatrician will prescribe a strong testosterone suppressant that would keep him flaccid and much more comfortable and happy. Is this really a treatment I should pursue for my son?
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I wish I could give you a good answer. I think if it involves a perminant lifetime change, he should be the one making that decision.  I'm wondering, what kind of services are avilable in your area?  In our neighborhood there's a nice independant living center where they have classes by disAbled people for disAbled people. It's a resource center, and they help connect services to help people gain more skills and coping abilities.

I'm personally not quite settled with the medical model where doctors think a pill can solve any problem... (or in this case perminantly changing your son to not experiance natural sexual urges.) Meds can help with some things, but they aren't a solution.

Before making such a decision, please seek out what other alternatives are in your area.
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I went through the same thing with my son. I asked his dad a few questions and ultimately decided a few things:

1) No matter what you grew up thinking...sexual arousal/release is PURELY physiological and men don't have as much control over it as they would like to believe and can/will get an erection for reasons other than a beautiful girl  :)

2) Although it seemed odd at first, simply aiming the erection down and putting the diaper up over, was not painful to my son and did the trick. (by the way...he was well endowed also)

Hope this helps
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You ave dragged up an old thread again......
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Poor boy what a hard thing it must be ,we take all our natural instincts for granted dont we, I think the way you are dealing with it  sounds the best way, that way he is still allowed to have the feelings that must be of some normal comfort to him, leave the drugs alone , you are doing what you can natural is best and most caring way.
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My son has cerebral palsy also. He is only 5, but I have a cousin, whose son had cerebral palsy with the mental development of a 12 month old until he passed away at 18 years old, and all I can tell you is he thought the situation was quite funny. It did make diapering EXTREMELY difficult, so she went with bigger diapers. And what helped the most was switching bath time to mornings to allow the "wake-up" erection to resolve naturally (and he liked bath time anyway), and for the spur of the moment ones the best thing was a warm, wet rag. Sometimes the rag would instantly soften it, and sometimes she's leave it in the diaper while he had tv time and the semen would release its self. You have to remember that it makes YOU more uncomfortable than them, because they have no clue what things like "horny" or "sex" is, to them, it just happens.
OH, and they also have these things that hospitals use to collect urine from infants and toddlers... it looks like an oversized condom, they work wonder, you just have to order adult sized...
I hope this helps, if you want to know of more options, then contact me and I'll see what I can get from my CP group! No meds unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, it's not the easiest, but it's the best road.
Great point. With my severely autistic 27 yr old bro (that had 6 brain surgeries) we just let him be completely naked because #1 he likes being naked and #2 it's "more freeing" for him not to wear his diaper.
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